Kencove Spring Catalog 2019

GATES 50 3-Hole Handle Hookup Set Connect your wire to the galvanized plate and still have room for 2 gate handles. Galvanized Handle Hookup Set GHU 2.50 Handle Hookup for T-Posts GHTU 2.50 3-Hole Handle Hookup Set GHU3 2.75 Stainless Handle Hookup GHU3S 3.75 Double-Loop Handle Hook Designed for use where t-posts terminate rope or tape fence. One loop holds the fence while the other holds the gate handle. Double-Loop Hookup, wood GHUD 1.95 Double-Loop Hookup, t-post, 2/pk . JTR 3.50 New Zealand Gate Handle • • Galvanized expansion spring • • More tolerance for gate post movement NZ Gate Handle, yellow GNC 4.95 NZ Gate Handle, black GNCBL 4.95 Tape Gate Kit Heavy-duty gate handle with insulators and handle hookup. Use with 1.57” electric tape (sold separately). Multi-purpose handle features a live-wire hook and an insulated hook. Versatile design allows you to connect temporary fence wire, tape, or bungy without needing to change handles. Tape Gate Kit, white GTK 6.50 160’ Electric Tape, white GTTW 22.50 Tape Gate Buckle GTB 1.35 Rubber Gate Handle • • Soft rubber casing • • Heavy-stamped, steel-plated hook • • Stretches to 31/2” Rubber Gate Handle GRB 1.95 Polycarbonate Gate Handle An internal expansion spring provides excellent holding strength without stressing the insulating plastic. Durable, high-quality polycarbonate. Polycarbonate Gate Handle GPC 3.95 Heavy-Duty Gate Handle Use with Double-Loop Handle Hook (GHUD or JTR). Heavy-Duty Gate Handle GHD 5.25 Non-Conductive Gate Handle Use with electric twine or ribbon. Connect to a grounded or hot wire and electrify after the portable fence is built. Non-Conductive Handle GPL 0.89 Economy Plastic Handle Economy Handle, black GPE 1.95 Economy Handle, white GPEW 1.95 ZAMMR Handle GPZ 2.75 ZAMMR Handle GHUD GHU Stainless-Steel Gate Handle GPCS 5.95 Stainless-Steel Gate Handle 2 internal tension rods add extra strength to this stainless-steel handle. GTK GNC