Kencove Spring Catalog 2019

POST DRIVERS 44 Driver Springs (ends included) HD8,80/HPD-16 PD8S 37.50 HD10,100/HPD-20 PD10S 75.75 HD-12/HPD-24 PD12S 109.75 KIWI ® Post Driver PDKS 75.75 Spring Ends (each) HD-8/HPD-16 PD8E 2.00 HD-10/HPD-20 PD10E 2.00 HD-12/HPD-24, top PD12TE 17.00 HD-12/HPD-24, bottom PD12BE .17.00 PD12S PDKS PD10S PD8S PD80/PD80H PD100/PD100H Post Height 10’ 10’ Post Diameter 71/8” 83/4” Impact 30,000 lbs 71,500 lbs Tilt Side/Side 15° 15° Tilt Front/Back 15° 15° Rear Mount Yes Yes Nyrim Blocks 4 4 Weight 486 lbs 694 lbs Skid Steer Mounting Bracket For Kencove Drivers PDS1SSMP 675.00 Kencove Post Drivers, Complete PD80, manual PD80 . . . . . 2,575.00* PD100, manual PD100 3,375.00* PD80, skid steer PD80SS 3,425.00* PD100, skid steer PD100SS 4,225.00* PD80, hydraulic PD80H 3,575.00* PD100, hydraulic PD100H 4,375.00* PD80, hyd, skid steer PD80HSS 4,425.00* PD100, hyd, skid steer PD100HSS 5,225.00* * Delivered Price Kencove Post Drivers Fast and powerful. With only 6 moving parts, they are built for durability and easy maintenance. All models take just a few minutes to mount or detach. Some assembly required. • • Up to 100,000 lbs of impact • • Manual or hydraulic tilt • • 15° of front-to-back and side-to-side tilt • • Drives posts up to 10’ tall Safety lever prevents accidental drop of beam. Hydraulic-tilt units come with additional valves. Manual or hydraulic options provide front/ back and side/side tilt of beam. VALVE BANK TILT 3-POINT HITCH SECURE STAND Adjustable legs minimize vibration while pounding posts. Provides secure and stable storage. Allows operator to keep his hands away from post while driving. POST HOLDER Protects operator from flying debris. RUBBER GUARD See Video Online Other parts/accessories available. Please call for pricing.