Kencove Spring Catalog 2019

POSTS 40 Post Tamper Makes a difficult job a little easier. Designed with a 65” galvanized pipe handle and a cast iron ramming head, it is ideal for compacting stone and soil around posts. Weighs 8½ lbs. Galvanized Steel T-Posts • • Hot-dip galvanized • • Studded • • Bottom plate ensures driving stability and post alignment 5’ PT5P. 6.75 6’ PT6P. 8.10 7’ PT7P. 9.45 8’ PT8P. 11.15 10’ PT10P. 13.95 11’ PT11P . 15.35 12’ PT12P. 16.75 T-Post Clips Galvanized and ideal for securely attaching wire to metal t-posts. Safe-T-Post Caps Made from durable, molded vinyl material to protect animals from sharp edges of steel fence posts. Attractive, bright white color enhances fence visibility. Tapered shape installs easily, yet grips tightly to the post. T-Post Sleeves Used to make t-posts safer, more visible, and better looking. Complete the white-rail look for a fraction of the cost of vinyl with these attractive, easy-to-install, 2” x 2” x 5’ sleeves. Safe-T-Post Caps, white, 25/pk PTC 9.75 5' T-Post Sleeve, white JR1755 5.85 Rod-Type Tool TWT 3.50 Kencove Flat Tool TWTL 1.75 Wire Twisting Tool Makes wrapping wire simple. This tool is especially helpful for bending preformed clips for t-posts. T-Post Pounder TPR 28.75 Post Tamper TAMP 19.95 T-Post Clips, 50/pk FTC 2.95 T-Post Clips, 1,000/pk FTCK 49.75 Heavy-Duty T-Post Pounder Provides an easy way to set steel t-posts and ground rods in virtually any type of soil. The large handles allow for comfortable hand placement. Using your up and down momentum, the heavy-duty t-post pounder drives posts with maximum impact. Items with this symbol do not qualify for free shipping.