Kencove Spring Catalog 2019

POSTS 38 Dynamic Diagonal Brace HDD . 49.75 Dynamic Diagonal Tool Kit HDDTK* 4.25 * Tool Kit includes 7/32” drill bit and 1/2” nut driver. Dynamic Diagonal Brace Bracing is made easier with Kencove’s floating design, the Dynamic Diagonal Brace. The major advantage of a floating brace is that it only requires digging or pounding one post. The anchor post is the only permanently fixed component, everything else is simply set into place allowing flexibility for changing fence conditions. The Dynamic Diagonal Brace works by directing the force on the anchor post into the ground via the floating foot and back through the brace cable to the buried end of the anchor post. • • Made up of 4 basic components • • Assembles in minutes after the anchor post is in place • • Build it on any terrain using a Line Boss or wood post • • Use it at corners and ends of multi-strand high-tensile fences • • Easier to build, nearly as strong as more complex H-braces PasturePro Droppers, White • • Wood-plastic composite • • Extend post spacing and reduce number of line posts needed 1” dia x 3’ PP1x3W 2.30 1” dia x 4’ PP1x4W 3.00 1” dia x 5’ PP1x5W 3.80 Hickory, cedar, and black colors available upon request. Call for availability and lead times. 1” Dropper Clip, 100/pk FP1PK100 15.00 PasturePro Droppers extend post spacing and reduce the potential of wire deflection in high- impact areas. These droppers will reduce the number of line posts on your next fence project or reduce animal penetration at trouble spots. FP1PK100 See Video Online See Video Online 38 Items with this symbol do not qualify for free shipping.