Kencove Spring Catalog 2019

ELECTRIC FENCE 36 • • You need 10 watts for every 1 output joule of your energizer. Up to 20 watts per joule is sometimes used in northeast USA. • • Solar panels should always face south. • • Use a deep-cycle type battery. The best values can be found locally. Solar Panels Improvements in efficiency and lower costs have made powering your fence with solar affordable and easy. Simply match the size of the solar panel with the energizer. Our solar panels have a rugged aluminum frame, polycrystalline panel, and approximately 18” cable. 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Solar Panel, 10-watt MSP10P 43.75 Solar Panel, 20-watt MSP20P 79.75 Solar Panel, 30-watt MSP30P 99.75 Solar Panel, 40-watt MSP40P . . . 129.75 Bracket, 10-20W panels MSP10-20MB 23.95 Bracket, 10-40W panels MSP10-40MB 79.75 Your solar panel should match the size of your fence. For each joule of output, allow 7 watts of solar panel for high-sunlight areas and 10 watts in low-sunlight areas. Example: 3-joule energizer = 30-watt solar panel. STEP 1 Calculate what your energizer needs to run for a day (load). This example is for a 3-joule energizer. How to Calculate the Ah-per-day needed: Volts x Amps = Watts 12 volts x 0.29 amps = 3.48 watts Wh = 3.48 W x 24 hours = 83.52Wh Determine Amperage Hours: Ah = Wh/V Ah = 83.52Wh/12V = 6.96Ah per day STEP 2 Find out how much sunlight you get in your location. Solar insolation map for peak sunlight hours: STEP 3 Calculate which solar panel will provide the Ah-per-day you need. Divide Ah from Step 1 by the number of Peak Sun Hours per day. 6.96Ah/3.68Hr = 1.89A This means that you need a panel which produces 1.9A. Determine panel size: A = Watt/Volt Watt = Volt x Amp ______= 12V x 1.9A = 22.8 watts (always add 20% to account for real world conditions) = 27.36 watts (round up) = 30-watt panel MSP10-20MB MSP10-40MB Panel Mounting Brackets • • Made in the USA of high-grade aluminum and stainless-steel • • Include hardware to mount on wood posts • • Can be mounted to metal pipe or t-posts using U-bolts (not included) • • Pre-drilled to accommodate a charge controller The 1-piece bracket (MSP10-20MB) is pre-bent to a 30° angle and is designed to accommodate 10-20-watt solar panels. The 2-piece bracket (MSP10-40MB) can be set from a 15° to 90° angle and is designed to hold up to 40-watt solar panels. CHOOSING A SOLAR PANEL Items with this symbol do not qualify for free shipping.