Kencove Spring Catalog 2019

ELECTRIC FENCE 31 Capper Insulator Designed to either nail onto the top of wood posts or fit onto steel t-posts. It will hold wire, rope, and up to 1.6” wide ribbon and tape. This insulator also adds safety and visibility. ITPCB Claw Insulator Secures to the post with a 3-point contact and holds wire 1” away from the post. Fits 1.25 lb/ft to 1.31 lb/ft metal t-posts. Made with UV- resistant, high-density polyethylene. T-Post Claw Insulator, 25/pk IS1W 5.25 ITPCW Capper Insulator, white, 10/pk ITPCW 6.95 Capper Insulator, black, 10/pk ITPCB 6.95 Kencove T-Post Pin- Lock Insulator Made with heavy-duty, UV-resistant plastic. This is our most durable t-post insulator. Spark flange prevents arcing. Fits most sizes of t-posts and holds rope, twine, or wire. Easy to install by simply sliding over the top of the t-post and securing with pin. T-Post Insulator, white, 25/pk ITDW . 6.25 T-Post Insulator, black, 25/pk ITDB. 6.25 Wood/T-Post Pin-Lock Insulator Holds larger diameter fence products such as Hotcote ® or electric rope. Simply nail onto wood posts or snap onto t-posts to securely insulate electric wires. UV- stabilized plastic resists weathering. Pin-Lock Insulator, white, 25/pk ITEW. 6.25 Pin-Lock Insulator, black, 25/pk ITE . 6.25 2" Backside Insulator, black, 25/pk ITB2. 9.75 T-Post Claw Insulator Secures to t-post with wraparound, 3-point contact. Ideal for large diameter products like rope and Hotcote ® . Works with all sizes of t-posts. High-density polyethylene. White, 25/pk IRTCW 7.25 Black, 25/pk . . . . . . . . . . . . .IRTC 7.25 Stafix Wood/T-Post Pin-Lock Insulator Nail to wood posts or snap onto steel t-posts. • • Self-locking pin • • UV-stabilized plastic For use with smooth wire only. Stafix Pin-Lock, green, 25/pk IPTL 10.95 T-POST INSULATORS On Qualified Orders Over $75 2" Backside T-Post Insulator Holds rope, twine, and wire 2” from the post. It slides over the top of standard t-posts for easy 2-pin installation. This insulator is made from heavy-duty, UV-stabilized plastic and features a spark flange to prevent arcing. Items with this symbol do not qualify for free shipping.