Kencove Spring Catalog 2019

ELECTRIC FENCE 29 4” Flat-Back Tube Insulator • • High-quality plastic • • Ideal for square posts • • Economical and easy to use Heavy-Wall Tube Insulator • • Extra protection from shorts • • Less inline friction • • 0.23” I.D., 0.55” O.D. • • Use 6” lengths for line and bend posts Heavy-Wall Tube, 24”, 10/pk I48 9.25 Heavy-Wall Tube, 100’ I48-100 49.50 6” Heavy-Wall Tube, 50/pk I48-6PK50 .10.50 Spiralator A revolution in tube insulators. Unlike a normal fin-tube, which you must put on before tensioning the wire, the Spiralator is put on after the wire is tensioned. A quick twist of the wrist and it snaps onto the wire. Comes in 4” and 6” lengths, complete with staples, or 500-piece bulk box. Also available in 50’ coils (I5S-50), which are excellent when diagonal brace wires are too close to hot wires. 4”, 100/pk, w/ staples I5S 23.75 6”, 50/pk, w/ staples I5S-6 16.75 4”, 500/pk, w/o staples I5SBK500 87.50 50’ coil, w/o staples I5S-50 23.75 I53 4” Flat-Back, 200/pk I53 12.95 6” Flat-Back, 200/pk I53-6 19.95 8” Flat-Back, 25/pk I53-8 3.50 4” Fin-Tube Insulator Staple anchors into the fins on the tube to prevent sliding. UV-stabilized to resist weathering. 4”, 2-flange, 200/pk I50 12.95 Pigtail Insulator • • 10” offset • • Galvanized high-tensile wire • • Long-life, UV-stabilized polymer coating Pigtail Offset Insulator, 25/pk I9Z . 47.50 Gooseneck, 10/pk IWR6 9.95 Gooseneck Ring Insulator Holds an electric wire 7½” away from a wood post. The design allows the weight of the wire to rest on top of the bent rod to give better strength and electrical insulation. Total length: 9¼”. I5S Donut Insulator A set of donuts bolted between strips can be tied to an anchor in a sharp dip to eliminate a dip post. Do not use Porcelain Donut in high-tension applications. Porcelain Donut IPD . . . . . . . .0.32 Plastic Donut, white ILDW 0.59 Plastic Donut, black ILD 0.59 IPD ILD WOOD POST INSULATORS See Video Online Items with this symbol do not qualify for free shipping.