Kencove Spring Catalog 2019

19 TOOLS/HARDWARE EzePull 4-in-1 Fence Tool This handy tool is perfect for building high- tensile wire fences. It crimps all 12½ gauge sleeves, cuts steel wire, and pulls staples with ease. Hardened, stainless-steel jaws and compact handles make this fencing tool strong and easy to use. Made in New Zealand. EzePull 4-in-1 TEP 197.75 Red-Handled, 4-Slot Crimp Tool Crimps all Kencove sleeves. Long handles provide leverage to make crimping easier. With proper care, these tools will last a lifetime. 203/4” length. Made in China. Incorrect sleeve placement Correct sleeve placement Nicopress ® Crimp Tools Heavy-duty, contractor-grade tools. The 1-slot tool is ideal for use with all 12½ gauge crimp sleeves, except open tap sleeves. The 4-slot tool will crimp all sizes of Kencove sleeves. 2-Slot Crimp Tool Designed to cut, crimp, and strip all common fence wires. A hardened cutter is built into the nose. The small stripper hole is used for stripping coated wire and under-gate wire. The 2 crimp slots are for 121/2 -16 gauge (C23/C2L), and the second slot is for larger diameter smooth wire, barbed wire, and open-taps (C45/CT4). Includes crimp gauge, hex key, instructions, and 1-year warranty. Made in China. Nicopress 1-Slot Tool T1N 197.75 Nicopress 4-Slot Tool TNC 247.75 2-Slot Crimp Tool TZ3 79.75 Red 4-Slot Crimp Tool TFFG 54.50 • • Place sleeve into appropriate slot in crimp tool and compress into a cylindrical shape. Do not split sleeve into an '8' shape. • • When using more than 1 sleeve per join, be sure to leave ¼" between to allow proper expansion. • • For best results, sleeves should be kept dry prior to using. Guaranteed For 5 Years PROPER CRIMPING Items with this symbol do not qualify for free shipping.