Kencove Spring Catalog 2019

17 TOOLS/HARDWARE Fastlok Holds stronger than similar 12½ gauge splicers for fast and easy inline splices. Kencove’s pull testing resulted in more than 1,580 lbs of breaking strength. For additional tension, use the Gripple Torque Tool. Reusable and perfect for end and brace wires . Quick-Splices • Splice wires without a tool • Internal spring-loaded clamps 8-11 gauge CWL811 1.59 12½ gauge CWL1213 1.59 14-16 gauge CWL1416 1.59 Safety-Loop The fastest, easiest way to terminate coated wire. Stripping of coated wire is greatly reduced. Simply feed the wire through the Safety-Loop, wrap around the post, and insert into the spring- loaded end . Quick-End Used for terminations at end posts. Use one for each wire on your fence. To install the Quick-End, drill a 7/16” hole (CWV1213, CWV1416) or a 5/8” hole (CWV811) through the end post and pull the wire through. Then put the Quick-End on the wire and tap it lightly into the hole. If final tensioning is to be done with the Quick-End, pull the wire to the end post with a chain grab, then push the slack through the Quick-End. For faster, easier tensioning, use the Gripple Torque Tool. Gripple Torque Tool Has a 6:1 gearing system to deliver up to 800 lbs of load with minimal effort. An adjustable torque gauge controls the load applied to give consistent tension. Use with all sizes of Gripples. 8 -11 gauge CWV811 . . . . . .1.49 12½ gauge CWV1213 1.49 14-16 gauge CWV1416 1.49 Safety-Loop, white CWTW 1.99 Safety-Loop, brown CWTBR 1.99 Safety-Loop, black CWTBL 1.99 Gripple Torque Tool TGTTP 79.75 Cable Cutter TCTGC 14.95 Fastlok CLO . . . . . . . . . . .1.19 Save on 100 or more. 1.14 each Fastlink Joins or tensions wire easily. Compatible with 4½ - 9 gauge smooth wire or 0.137”- 0.216” cable. Push wire or cable in the ends, leaving a 2” tail for tensioning. Non-releasable galvanized steel rollers grip and tension the wire. Use Heavy- Duty Tension Tool to tension the Fastlink. Fastlink CN3 1.49 Heavy-Duty Tension Tool Will tension all sizes of Gripples, Fastlinks, and Fastloks. Featuring a quick-release cam, its all-metal construction is designed for heavy use and strength. Long handles provide extra leverage for high-tension applications. 10:1 geared mechanical ratio. Heavy-Duty Tension Tool TGTCC 85.75 Items with this symbol do not qualify for free shipping.