Kencove Fall/Winter Catalog 2019-2020

9 TOOLS/HARDWARE Kencove Stretcher Bars Wedges are placed vertically and staggered on the stretcher bar, making it easy to place the wire in the center of the bar This system is especially useful when working with 2” x 4” woven wire or with 3” verticals 4’, 5 wedges TSC4 109 75 5’, 6 wedges TSC5 145 75 6’, 7 wedges TSC6 165 75 7’, 8 wedges TSC7 175 75 8’, 9 wedges TSC8 197 75 10’, 11 wedges TSC10 185 75 Additional wedges TSCW 8 50 Wire-Bending Tool Adds a tension curve in wire to eliminate sag Made of lightweight cast aluminum Wire-Bending Tool TBT 12 95 Wire Twister Attaches to your ⅜” cordless or electric drill to safely and neatly wrap wire ends Produces professional-looking results Use with 3” minimum woven wire spacing Tool does not come greased Must be greased before use Wire Twister TWTG 365 00 Kencove Stretcher Bar Puller TCSK 87 75 Kencove Stretcher Bar Puller Accommodates various types of stretcher bars and has a 20’ chain The safety-latch hook attaches easily and stays secured Electroplated for longevity Rod-Type Tool TWT 3 50 Kencove Flat Tool TWTL 1 75 TWT TWTL Wire-Twisting Tools These tools make wire wrapping simple, and are especially helpful for bending preformed clips onto Poly-Droppers ™ . The short, flat tool is better for use in tighter spaces like woven wire Easy Wire Puller Ideal when terminating woven wire or tensioning slack strands Works great on smooth and barbed wire Features a rug- ged cast-iron jaw designed to be gentle on galvanized coating and 16” detachable pipe handle for plenty of leverage Easy Wire Puller TWP 25 75 Items with this symbol do not qualify for free shipping. WOVEN WIRE TOOLS See Video Online