Kencove Fall/Winter Catalog 2019-2020

45 POST DRIVERS • 125,000 lbs of impact • Contractor-grade performance • Versatile mounting options • Hydraulic tilt controls • Low-maintenance rope system Safety is important when driving posts The PK30R features a safety rail system and a safety lever to prevent accidental hammer drop FULLY AUTOMATIC MAST HAMMER ROCK SPIKE POST CAP TOP LINK SIDE TILT SIDE SHIFT Two-stage, double-acting hydraulic top link insures maximum mast tilt. Smooth and precise control of side to side tilt. 14" side shift allows for quick position of the driver. Hammer stroke is fully automatic. Mast hammer height is fully adjustable. Solid-steel, free-falling hammer provides 125,000 pounds of impact at full stroke. Helps to drive posts in rocky or hard ground. 4" diameter spike can be drive 4' deep. One-piece forged, carbon steel, heat treated and tempered post cap reduces damage to post. Kencove Post Driver with Rock Spike Kencove PK30R PK30R 10,975 00 The Kencove PK30R is a versatile, contractor-grade post driver built to work in the toughest ground condi- tions This powerful, hard-hitting machine comes with a 4” rock spike to help drive posts into rocky and hard soil At 2,300 pounds with an 882-pound hammer, this post driver is lightweight enough to use on steep or soft ground Features 15-degree front/back and side/side tilt, as well as 14” side slide Drives posts up to 12’ tall and 12” in diameter PK30R Post Height 12’ Post Diameter 12” Impact 125,000 lbs Hydraulic Recommendation 9 GPM @ 2,000 PSI Tilt Side/Side 15° Tilt Front/Back 15° Side Shift 14" Hammer Weight 882 lbs Weight 2,300 lbs Items with this symbol do not qualify for free shipping.