Kencove Fall/Winter Catalog 2019-2020

ELECTRIC FENCE 33 164’ NETTING Horizontal lines are spaced closer together at the bottom and farther apart at the top providing superior predator control To prevent electrical shorting during weed growth, the bottom line is non-conductive ELECTRIC NETTING 7” Stay Spacing, 164’ Posi/ Neg White Orange Green Price 40” height, 9 lines NSGW NSG NSGG 124 95 40” height, 12 lines NSG12X 139 95 48” height, 14 lines NP7W NP7 NP7G 149 95 48” height, 14 lines NP7X 164 95 31/2” Stay Spacing, 164’ Posi/ Neg White Orange Green Price 28” height, 10 lines NRCW NRC NRCG 129 75 28” height, 10 lines NRX 144 75 40” height, 10 lines NSPCW NSPC NSPCG 144 95 40” height, 10 lines NSPCX 159 95 48” height, 14 lines NPCW NPC NPCG 179 95 48” height, 14 lines NPX 194 95 Positive/ Negative Electric Netting For dry regions, or for ultimate control, we recommend positive/negative netting In this system, the animal completes the circuit through the net An animal touching both the positive (orange) and negative (green) lines will receive the full shock from the energizer This allows optimum performance of the net, regardless of grounding conditions Positive/negative nets are both green and orange. Kencove Electric Netting is proudly manufactured in our Blairsville, PA facility Its lightweight, portable design allows the fence to be moved and set up repeatedly, making for almost instant pastures and enclosures And most importantly, an electric net fence protects precious livestock, produce, and even pets from predators and pests Provide stability and help prevent drooping between posts, which may cause electrical shorting This creates an effective and visually appealing fence Available in 3½” and 7” spacing SEMI RIGID VERTICAL STAYS GRADUATED SPACING Long-lasting, highly conductive 304 stainless-steel ensures years of reliable service Braided top strand provides unparalleled strength STAINLESS STEEL CONDUCTORS STEP IN POSTS Sheep Poultry Goats kencove com offers instructional videos on many products, including electric netting Did you know Built into the netting to provide easy installation Made with nylon-reinforced plastic Thirteen posts are spaced every 13½’ No assembly required Replacement Posts Step-In Posts with split-top cap to secure netting 28” Post NRP 3 49 40” Post NSGP 3 95 48” Post NPP 4 29 Replacement Foot Pedal, 1/2” NPF 2 15 Replacement Foot Pedal, 3/8” NPF3 2 15